System Integration

At some point you may need to integrate with building systems technology or products from multiple vendors. The ability to connect, communicate, and control these systems is vital to preserving existing investments in building equipment as long as possible.

Equipment Integration

In today's times, multisite operators typically want the flexibility to specify equipment that can communicate using open protocols so they are not "locked-in" to any one vendor.

Built on the industry-standard Niagara AX framework, Opus supports the most common industry standards for open communications amongst these devices.

  • Open formats
  • Open protocols
  • Open data structures

Data Integration

Novar doesn't stop there. When it comes to having access to your data OpusBAS is the most open in the industry. Third party service providers can integrate to OpusBAS via a variety of open methods, such as oBIX™. OpusBAS exposes ALL your data to ensure it is completely accessible to use as you require.

Enterprise Network Diagram

Download the Enterprise Network Diagram to see examples of integration scenarios at both the site and enterprise levels.

Download the Diagram