Smart Grid

Cash in on Demand Response incentive programs with Novar's Opus Building Automation System.

Demand Response for Multi-site

Novar actively works with program providers to ensure compliance for as many programs as possible. Opus provides a fully configurable load reduction engine that can be tailored to each enrolled program and optimizes building recovery, minimizing the impact on store customers and employees.

Multi-site business can become part of the "smart grid" by participating in one or more of the numerous Demand Response programs available from utilities and ISO's across the country. Now is the time to take advantage of these opportunities and using Opus BAS makes it easy to get:

  • Lucrative monetary compensation for participating
  • Cost reductions via lower utility charges
  • Detailed visibility and insight into energy consumption in your portfolio
  • Valuable recognition as a good corporate citizen

Don’t leave money on the table. Find out about Load Response Program Participation using Opus.

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