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E-Mon Meter Series

This video is an introduction to the E-Mon meters as well as how to properly select a meter.  (4:49)

Getting Smart Grid Ready Now

Smart Grid Interview

Marianne Wilson from Chain Store Age magazine interviews Dean Lindstrom on how changes in the economy have affected chain store owner/operators and how the FlexStart program from Novar can get them significant energy management savings quickly without a large capital investment.  (1:59)

Introduction to MinIO with Refrigeration

An introduction to the new MINio with refrigeration support. (1:40)

BAS Grocery Video


This video is an overview of Novar Building Automation Systems (BAS) for grocery applications. (0:55)

Energy Team Congratulates Staples

Novar Energy Team congratulates Staples for receiving the 2011 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award. (0:16)

Savvy to Opus Upgrade Video

This video demonstrates how to upgrade from a Savvy to and Opus solution. It is easy. It doesn't require special installation skills. (0:54)

xcm. 20R Video Series

An introduction to the xcm.20R Opus executive.

Part 1: (4:44)  Part 2: (5:27)

xcm.LCD Introduction

This video series is an overview of the xcm.LCD device. The xcm.LCD gives you the information about your building: where you need it, when you need it.  (10:54)