Alliance Ecosystem

Delivering the solutions multi-site and chain store customers need, together.

Service Providers

It’s tough for your customers – and ours – to work with multiple entities as they strive to meet their energy management and operational effectiveness goals across a large, geographically dispersed portfolio of stores.

That’s why Novar has established the Alliance Ecosystem, a program dedicated to bringing our respective businesses together to share information and insights that will enable us to work collaboratively on delivering solutions for our mutual customers. By working together we have the potential to help our customers reach their energy management and sustainability goals faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

How do you benefit from being an Alliance Ecosystem member?

Quite simply, knowing how to work with Novar technology and services in a way that best deliver solutions to meet our customers’ needs is a decided advantage in the marketplace.

Additionally, when you are part of the network, you can tap into the long-standing relationships and large installed base Novar has developed as the leading energy management company in the retail space. Novar continues to expand this market, bringing new customers and new sales potential to all Alliance Ecosystem members.

To ensure that we are working as collaboratively as possible, Novar offers all Alliance members:

• Advance information on new Novar product/service launches
• Official Novar training
• Product Beta Testing
• Access to our large installed base


Your preferred technology and service organizations working closely together to meet your needs can pay big financial dividends to your business.

As a multi-site operator, you have needs that transcend traditional boundaries. Your energy management and operational effectiveness goals can be particularly complex. It requires specialized expertise in technology, installation, integration services, information management and more. Novar recognizes the broad scope of your needs in this area and has established the Alliance Ecosystem, a program that enables you to tap into the firms you trust for comprehensive, collaborative solutions. When your preferred resources are Novar Alliance Ecosystem members, you can have peace of mind knowing that we have invested time and effort to provide training and support to ensure they provide the greatest value to you.

Contact your Novar account manager to share your recommendations for new Alliance Ecosystem members. We would be delighted to work in collaboration with the technology companies and service providers upon whom you’ve come to rely.