Who is Honeywell Multisite

Honeywell Multisite invented multiple site energy management with its industry-leading Novar brand and works with retailers, grocery stores, restaurants and other multiple-site operations to increase operational efficiency and shopper/patron comfort through controlled and optimized HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, and other Building Management Systems across an enterprise. Honeywell Multisite and its Novar brand have saved its customers Billions of dollars since its inception – that’s Billions with a “B” – and that figure is increasing each day.

Our offerings cover hardware, software, 24/7 monitoring and support, and energy management services. When you bring Honeywell Multisite intelligence to your facilities, you can reduce energy use by up to 30%, improve comfort in the shopping experience, and tangibly improve operational efficiency of your retail, grocery or restaurant business.

Honeywell Multisite is the only energy management partner who is truly full service, offering design; engineering; programming; software and hardware production; delivery and installation; and 24/7 monitoring so retailers can focus on other parts of their operations.

Most importantly, Honeywell Multisite provides quick ROI and the lowest lifecycle costs anywhere in the industry. We are the only partner in the industry who owns the energy management process from design, through production through installation to monitoring…all focused on improving retail bottomlines.

With more than 130 years of expertise, Honeywell’s technology is in millions of buildings worldwide. That gives us insight into how facilities of all kinds work, to leverage investments for the best return.