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Opus® Downloader Tool

  • custom loadsProduct Description

    The Opus Download Tool is a free software application that eliminates the need for Opus Supervisor software to commission and download an XCM. This tool speeds up XCM new installations and replacements, improving Novar’s profit margins by saving time and money. .

  • Application

    1.      Novar Strategic Account support teams can e-mail a file to contractors that they can directly install into an XCM. Again, no Opus Supervisor software is required.
    2.      XCM’s can be loaded with a program prior to obtaining a functional IP connection from a customer’s network.
    3.      Replacement XCM’s can be downloaded prior to swapping it out with an existing XCM, eliminating down time.
    4.      Replacement XCM’s can be easily downloaded by a contractor without needing support from an off-site Novar programmer. This reduces their wait time, making them more efficient.