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Novar ES1 Edge Server

Features of the Novar ES1:

  • Flexibility – Runs Niagara 4 or Niagara AX
  • Hi Capacity – Four times the Memory of theXCM-20R
  • Hi Speed – Four times the Processing Power of the XCM-20R
  • Versatility – Works as an IoT Gateway or System Executive Module
  • Network Openness – Includes drivers for BACnet, Modbus, LON, and more
  • Expandability – Add-on RS-485, LON, and I/O modules available

The Novar ES1 is the Gateway to Opus 6.0 (Niagara 4):  The Novar ES1 is capable of running either Niagara AX or Niagara 4.  For example: customers who are currently running Niagara AX on their enterprise can use the Novar ES1 as is. When that customer migrates to the N4 based next generation software, the Novar ES1 will only need to be reprogramed not physically replaced.