Temperature Sensors

    • Indoor, outdoor and duct mounting options
    • Outdoor sensor assembly option
    • Wide operating ranges
    • Thermistor, 4-20mA, Voltage sensors available
    • Open protocol options

Humidity Sensors

    • Indoor and outdoor options

CO2 Sensors

    • LCD display Available
    • BACnet or MODBUS Available

Current Monitoring Sensors

    • Go/No Go, Load Trending, or
    • Variable Frequency types
    • Available LED Display

Outdoor Sensor Assemblies (OSA)

    • Popular Temperature sensors
    • Configured for easy outdoor installation
    • Available with Humidity sensors

Light Sensors

    • Indoor and Outdoor Sensors available

Combo Sensors

    • Temperature, CO2, and Humidity Combo Sensors
    • Available MODBUS or BACnet protocol
    • Available LCD Display