Product Lifecycle Support

Novar’s product support program provides the lowest total cost of ownership, preserves your initial investment and maximizes the useful life of your Building Automation System. Novar’s history of providing a 20+ years of support on our products stands as a testament to our commitment to providing you with the greatest return on your investment.


Our product support program includes:

  • In- and out-of-warranty coverage
  • Advance Exchange Return Material Authorization (RMA) Program
  • Technical support
  • Product repair program for extended and sustaining support
  • Backward compatibility providing product continuity throughout a site life cycle 

  • OpusExecPyrIconNovar stands on the cutting edge of technology, and we’re dedicated to helping our customers leverage the latest advances. As we develop and apply new technologies, we build in backward compatibility so that your seasoned equipment can adopt the new technology. Again, our promise to you is that we will help you preserve your investment as long as possible and drive the absolute strongest performance from your Novar products.

    For example, Our new family of Opus products have been designed to be compatible with legacy Novar equipment that may already be installed throughout your portfolio of stores. As a result, you can upgrade to the latest state-of-the-art building automation system for a fraction of the cost of a complete new system. You’ll continue to leverage 80% to 90% of your existing investment in controls, sensors, wiring, and installation, while enjoying the benefits of the most advanced technology available.
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    Active Support
    The Active Support phase starts when a new product is introduced and lasts until the product is no longer available for sale. 

    Post-Active Support 
    The Post-Active Support begins on the End-of-Sale date. Novar will give 12 month advanced notice for the end-of-sale date This support stage will last up to 5 years as long as product components are available.

    Sustaining Support
    The Sustaining Support begins on the End-of-Life date. 



    Hardware Warranty

    Every hardware product Novar sells is covered by a limited hardware warranty and coverage includes:
    • 1yr Labor 
    • 2yr Novar BAS Equipment 
    • 3yr Honeywell VFDs
    • 5yr E-mon Meter

    RMA Program  
    Novar’s Advance Exchange Return Material Authorization Program offers the following:
    • In-warranty products are replaced in advance at no charge to the customer.
    • Out-of-warranty products are replaced in advance for a fraction of the sell price.

    Hardware Technical Support
    Technical support is provided to authorized customer agents Monday through Friday 8AM - 8PM EST.  It consists of counseling, advice and post-training instructions for Novar hardware.

    Software Technical Support & Maintenance
    Basic Support or the Novar Preferred Care Program software technical support is provided to authorized customer agents Monday through Friday 8AM - 8PM EST. Level of support is determined by support program selected.

    Major Software Update - Includes new features, feature enhancements, and bug fixes
    Minor Software Update - Includes feature enhancements, and bug fixes
    Software Patch - Includes severity level one bug fixes